To the Single Christian Gals:

This quote resonated with me so much as a Christian girl in today's dating world that I wanted to share my heart.

Growing up I've always dreamed of falling in love. I actually once believed that love was something that came easily, and that being able to find someone who centers their life around Christ the way I've watched my parents do would be a piece of cake... LOL.

My ultimate "relationship goal" is to find someone who loves The Lord as much as I do, and wants to chase after Him along side me. I have faith my time will come, but as of now The Lord has me in a season of singleness/dating.

Throughout this season, I have seemed to find a common theme:

I'm often "respected" for my faith, but have never been "liked" enough to be chosen by someone.

Because this world will tell you that you don't match the description of today's society, it is sometimes easy for the flesh to take a statement like that and make it feel negative. When I read this quote by Tim Tebow, The Lord quickly showed that it's nothing but a positive.

I would much rather continue to be rejected by this world than to quit putting The Lord first just to please my flesh. I'd rather be respected for my faith, then "liked" by this world. Being a Christian and living as one in today's dating world isn't always peachy, but you can always learn from it or be a witness to someone else through it. I have never ONCE made The Lord a priority through dating and later regretted it. Human rejection may sting for a minute, but The Lord's faithfulness is so much sweeter.

The Lord gives us freedom of choice. I'm going to continue to choose The Lord, because even though I'm "single"... I'm happy. He knows I'm stubborn, but I also know His Way > my way. Nothing that is meant for me will ever pass me by.

What do you choose?