Hey, there! Welcome to The Neon Moon Boutique. 

This is an online boutique created by myself, Shianne. I recently graduated college with a degree in apparel design and merchandising. I have always had a love for fashion, and just so happened to fall in love with it even more throughout college. I am from a small town in Kentucky, but that has never kept me from dreaming big and going for what I want. I have always dreamed of being a business owner - a 'Girl Boss.' The Neon Moon Boutique is something I dreamed up in my head, and now I am handing it over to you!

I have always loved the fact that a good outfit can make you feel like a million bucks. I want you to get that feeling when you shop The Neon Moon. We are starting small, but my goal is that women of all ages and sizes can feel comfortable shopping at The Neon Moon Boutique. Feel free to contact me with suggestions of what you would like to see here! This boutique is for you, and I want you to feel that as soon as you arrive on this website.


About my mom, Annette:

My sidekick, my momager, the other half of The Neon Moon Boutique. She has dreamed right there beside me and encouraged me to make this boutique a reality! I am so excited that I get to share this journey with her, and we cannot wait to share this journey with you guys.